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I don’t know why I’m even still reading or talking about this, as it’s making my head explode, but I’ve been needling the Reverend TimmyMac over at his site, about the Boston incident and I felt the need to c&p my final thoughts on it here:

I have only read the most basic coverage of this (CNN, NYT, Seattle Times, MSN and few others) and I have tried to avoid what most anyone has to say except my friends who have blogs that I’m compelled to read. Based on my admittedly limited knowledge, here’s what I have to say:

I don’t care about viral marketing. I can agree it’s insidious and blah blah blah but in the rank of things I have to worry about given the current state of the world, it’s coming in pretty low. I haven’t seen anyone say the cops made a mistake per se, or criticizing them for not being hip enough. It’s really not the cop’s job to know too much about popular culture (though they should know some since they do basically deal with the populace). I think Boston’s Mayor has acted abysmally through this entire thing and suing Turner is like suing McDonalds for their coffee being too hot (which is to say, pure asshattery). Those guys should have been arrested, charged with vandalism and let go with a fine and they shouldn’t need legal counsel beyond a court appointed PD.

The entire thing was a gross depiction of everything that’s gone WRONG since 911. The city of Boston itself was victim to these ills and it wasn’t the fault of the kids who put up the billboards, or of Turner, or viral marketing. It was the fault of the culture of fear that we are being driven into like sheep. It was the fault of uninformed people trying to make decisions about what’s best for everyone, without critically assesing the situation, or previously engaging the population (in this case Boston, but in general the country) about how “safe” they feel they need to be kept by authorities and how many of our civil liberities are we going to give away for that safety.

Author: Ajax Bell

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18 thoughts on “shut me up

  1. And you are pretty too? *swoons*

    Word. To all of that.

  2. Oh baby, don’t make love you even more than I already do.

  3. Word. Just, word.

    I was talking to a friend about this and she pointed out something funny: when the NYPD went to take down the signs after being called by the Boston Authorities, only two of twenty were still there to be confiscated; New Yorkers had already swiped most of them. I find it interesting to see the difference in behaviour in a city that was actually one of the targets of the 9/11 attacks.

  4. Seattle removed several with out incident. City workers found them, assumed they were urban art or graffiti and removed them. When the cops were notified after the Boston incident, a Seattle cop said to a reporter, “I totally would have known what it was, I watch the show.” Which, while I said cops don’t need to know popular culture, I still find hilarious.

  5. It is pretty hysterical, and yeah – not surprised about Seattle. I mean, dude – even if you don’t know what it’s from, it was essentially a Lite Bright. Come on, now. But Boston goes and detonates one. Which, I wish I’d been there to see. Possibly the most hilarious thing yet was our police commissioner on tv explaining how he could see that maybe you’d think the battery pack was an explosive. He didn’t really sound all that convinced though – there was an unspoken “if you were a moron” at the end…

  6. *whispers*
    They were selling on eBay yesterday…not sure if they’ve been yanked now.

  7. Ahahaha! I said to someone the other day that if Boston was smart, they wouldn’t sue Turner, rather they’d sell the devices on eBay to recoup their expenses.

  8. Heh. I thought I’d heard something like that. *laughs* How much do I love this town?

  9. I know!

    Ooh, I had the perfect NY moment yesterday. These two adorable Asian chicks, maybe in their 20s, sitting next to each other for the morning commute. One was dozing off, with her head on the other’s shoulder. I wasn’t sure if they were a couple, or sisters, or what. Then they got closer to their stop, and the girl who was awake started kissing the other one awake — it sounded like she was just covering her face and neck with these little smecks (I wasn’t staring, but I could hear them directly to my left), and murmuring “you have to wake up, now. Come on, wake up and I’ll get you some coffee.” It was just such an open, tender moment and so cute. I thought I’d explode with love for this city.

  10. yes. this whole thing just seems like a stunningly stupid waste of energy.

  11. Aw! That is so sweet.

  12. city workers

    I wanted more details from the reporting – I wanted to know why the bomb squads were called in? Was it because someone called it in as a suspicious object? Versus Seattle, where city workers just took ’em down. That’s pretty funny that the Seattle cop knew.

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