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unrelated things


I think a good example for the state of the world is the spam I just got from resume writing company which is riddled with errors, even in the subject line. Perfect.

Today some old musician guy asked me out. Well, he told me I was pretty, told me to compliment my parents on their good genetic work, asked if I was married and then asked me out. I politely declined. Then later wondered if he was someone who might have connections I want professionally. Oh Nashville, you’ve clearly broken me.

And finally the most amusing part of my day, in email from my 14-year-old sister:

why i hate being around 13 year olds:
Boy1- Why are you wearing flip flops (it’s Punk day, why else would i be wearing flip flops?)
[l’il Sis]- Cuz I’m the bionic woman
stares and silence follows
Boy1- and a polo? (again, punk day, had to be preppy)
[l’il Sis]- My wonder twin powers have already been activated
again, stares and silence
the only person that got that was one of my guy friends and my TEACHER i was like good lord people what do you DO on saturday morning?

Yeah, it’s hard to be cooler than everyone else. Sadly she has years of it ahead of her.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

11 thoughts on “unrelated things

  1. Your sister is dead cool.

  2. I’m so lame

    So why are flip-flops punk?

    And what do the wonder twins have to do with polos?

  3. Re: I’m so lame

    ‘Cause it’s not very punk to dress like a stereotypical punk because everyone else is doing it on an assigned day…

    It’s like “Keep Austin Weird” — sounds punk, until everyone has it on their bumper, in which case, “Make Austin Normal” is a far more punk sentiment.

    Subvert expectations!

  4. Re: I’m so lame

    That still doesn’t explain the polos. 🙂

  5. Re: I’m so lame

    Dressing preppy on punk day is tres punk, in my book.

  6. Re: I’m so lame

    Right, that all makes sense – punk shouldn’t have a day. But the wonder twins comment? I’m just not making the connection.

  7. Re: I’m so lame

    She’s complaining about two things. 1)People not getting it that being anti-punk on Punk Day is more punk than being punk and 2)no one getting her references to old Saturday morning cartoons, which she thinks make better sarcastic answers than actually outright telling people they are stupid.

  8. Re: I’m so lame

    Ahh. I am stupid. It must be the cold. I love the references, though.

  9. Your sister FTW!

    And if she’d not done flip-flops? Old-school brown penny loafers.

  10. Yeah, I bet she would have if she could have, but I suspect she doesn’t own any.

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