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You wouldn’t love me anymore if I ever stopped complaining about the weather


The current temp in Nashville is fuck-ass cold. The future forecast is making me cry. (Seriously check those temps on the 25th.) And while my high-ceilinged house full of big windows is lovely in general, today heating it feels a bit like trying to warm up the inside of the refrigerator by lighting a match. *shivers*

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

24 thoughts on “You wouldn’t love me anymore if I ever stopped complaining about the weather

  1. see, it gives me a chance to complain too!

    I’d feel bad for you, but right now it’s… 10 degrees here. TEN. And with windchill, it’s 1 degree.

    That’s so sad. One lonely little degree.

    Though I’ll admit my apartment is much more suited to such temperatures. *grin*

    Stay warm, baby. *kisses*

  2. I feel your pain, but at least you don’t live in the arctic north of Syracuse.

    Seriously, I was out in 13 degree snows today.

  3. *waves from Syracuse*

    I almost lost a finger to frostbite scraping the ice off my car…it’s MISERABLE out there! And like I said above…ONE MEASLEY DEGREE. Heh.

  4. I am indeed. And currently freezing my little ass right off. Dammit, I’m not acclimated yet!

  5. Well, then, hello! I’ve been here forEVER and I’m still not acclimated. It sucks. I had today off work and had to drive out to Fayetteville, which wasn’t that bad, but it was ridiculously cold. I’m so not looking forward to being out and about tomorrow, that’s for sure.

  6. Heeee! and hi there! It’s the freaky warm weather we’ve been having. I had to go to Jamesville for a freaking ROOT CANAL this afternoon and the wind coming off that big hill was insanely bad. Siiiiigh.

    Fortunately, I work inside. But my pony lives in an unheated barn. I plan to whine about it extensively tomorrow. Heh.

  7. It’s so neat to discover another slasher in this town. Makes three. Four? No. Three. The fourth moved, I think. Do you live/work in the city or in the outskirts?

    Anyway, hi. I like hijacking JJ’s page to have conversations. HA. She should get her ass up here to visit. When it’s warm.

  8. Amen to THAT! But yeah, when it’s warm, because right now I wouldn’t invite a dear enemy to this town. Hi JJ! Come visit us! In the summer! Hah.

    I didn’t know of any others slashers here, just one in Rochester and one in Albany, so I am DELIGHTED to make your acquaintance. *GRIN* I live just a bit west, but work downtown, so I’m all over the place. How about you?

  9. There are indeed more than one here! The other is a good friend of mine, discovered through HP fandom. We three should get together at some point. I live/work in the university area and grew up east of here, in the land of Oz.

    I’m gonna friend you now, but don’t feel obligated to friend back. I’m SO BORING LATELY.

  10. I would like to point out that you are both also my RL friends and not just fandom friends and that Kassie and I have both previously pointed you in the direction of each other but clearly you never listen to us. šŸ™‚

  11. Re: see, it gives me a chance to complain too!

    It’s actually supposed to be that cold here next week. You’ve been in my house so you understand that we may actually die.

  12. You LIE. I don’t recall this at ALL.

    Though my brain doesn’t hold much of anything in it lately, so this could be truth. I dunno.

    *misses you*

  13. It’s supposed to be that cold here next week! As it is, it’s already 18Ā°F with windchill and I would like to point out that since this is the south my house isn’t insulated.

  14. Re: see, it gives me a chance to complain too!

    DON’T DIE!

    Get more space heaters!

  15. Aww, honey. It won’t stay that cold, though. Just have blankets and layers and BAKE. I bake a lot in this weather. (God, where I lived two places ago…the bedroom was so not insulated and it sucked. I just remembered that.)

    I do feel bad when those in other places get my weather. They aren’t ready for it.

  16. She’s totally lying. I don’t remember that either!

    Also, our user icons are making her page very…orange. HEE.

  17. You’re not boring! I wanna find out where you play music and do yoga, both of which I also do and enjoy. I just moved back here a year and a half ago from NYC, so I’m still finding stuff. *grin*

    Yes! For coffee, perhaps! Or tea, if that’s more your thing. That sounds lovely. Heeeee, OZ. It actually took me a moment to get that.

  18. I’ve been telling you two about each other for a year.

  19. Holy shit, you two are idiots. I TOTALLY told you about this person!

  20. No, really. This is the first I’ve ever heard of her.

  21. It’s that cold in Tacoma! We’ve had seven inches of snow laying around for the last week and it refuses to go away! What the hell is going on? I can’t remember a winter like this here ever. Somehow it must be your fault for leaving šŸ™‚

  22. snots!

    You know when you feel the inside of your nose freezing, that it’s really, really cold!

  23. HA! It may just be my fault! I was home betweent he windstorm and the snow ans the weather seemed normal then. Maybe I control the weather and don’t know it?

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