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nice happy vehicle

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I must have some good auto karma leftover from the fiasco of getting my driver’s license in TN, because I just went to (finally) register my car here and it took like 5 minutes. Hooray! The subject line is my mnemonic device for rembering my new license plate letters (the old one was ‘lettuce with tomato’ heeee!). I also bought food so that even though K isn’t here to feed me, I can still eat. Now it’s raining and I’m safely in the house, outside errands done, stocked up on supplies and listening to good music. Wheee!

One thought on “nice happy vehicle

  1. Congratulations! I can never think of a way to remember my license plate; actually I’m trying to remember it right now and I can’t. That’s bad!

    The rain is just starting here. It’s odd to have rain in January.

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