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2 thoughts on “Jarns, nittles, grawlix and quimp

  1. I would like to note the following:

    “Armscye” and “armseye” are also alternate spellings (more frequently used in fact) for “armsaye.”

    A ferrule is also the name for the spike or finial on the tip of an umbrella or parasol.

    God, i love the Peen.

    Here i thought spraints were fewmets. Guess i don’t know otter-shit!

  2. Armscye

    Comment-stealer! 😛

    And I always thought it was “aiglet”

    Liripipes can also be found on a variety of medieval hoods, not just academic ones.

    “Purlicue” is pretty fucking sexy. “Scroop” is not, but I enjoy it anyway.

    I too enjoy the Peen.

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