Author of the Queen City Boys books

6 thoughts on “

  1. Frank Black!!!!!

    Will look forward to reading your write-up when I get back next week.

  2. *is jealous*

    Oh, well… he’s supposed to be here in November. Hopefully my boyfriend will take me for my birthday.

    Write it up… unless you didn’t have a good time. (You couldn’t have had a bad time, though. That’s impossible.)

    Yay! For having a great time!
    *bassgrrl ponders why she doesn’t have any Frank Black lyric icons… needs to remedy this*

  3. Oh, wait… according to your time stamp on your post, isn’t there TV you should be watching?

  4. Do you know how much you almost killed me today with your awayness? I almost exploded! *waves hands*

    I’m glad you’re having good times, though.

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