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we are family


My cousin Missy Sue just sent me a ton of pictures from this summer when two of my other cousins got married (uh, not to each other, two different weddings). And, man, do I miss my family. This isn’t a moving away thing, I didn’t see them that much before. But my uncles are all the handsomest men in the world. My cousins the best people ever. For real, if Missy Sue’s brothers weren’t my cousins I would totally marry one of them. Because I can’t stand not to share, my cousin Jon-boy dancing with his neice:

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I’m sorry I couldn’t make everyone’s wedding this summer. The pictures made everything look so fun. Also Missy Sue manages to catch exactly the way I know people (my mom sitting to one side, arms crossed with a dissaproving look on her face, my sister laughing so hard she looks like she might rupture something, cousin Keri looking exceptionally glamourous no matter what she does, Jon-boy, Tim, Josh and Joe looking smart and handsome and exactly like the boys you want to kick back on the porch and have a beer with). Missy Sue is getting married next year and I will not miss that, not for anything in the world. If I was rich, I’d go to Oregon for two weeks every year and throw a huge party, just for my family so we could visit and hang out and enjoy each other.

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2 thoughts on “we are family

  1. That picture is so adorable!

  2. That’s a handsome man and sweet looking little girl, right there!

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