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The eyes have it


So I went to the eye doctor today. It was fine. He was nice, although he sort of treated me like I’d never had an eye exam before. And then, curiously, asked me if eye exams differed in Washington compared to Tennessee. Uh, no pretty much the same. However the whole thing cost me about 35% less, even including new contacts and everything than it did back in WA, where, I might add, I had insurance and here I do not, so YAY Tennessee!!!

Sadly, when he dilated my eyes he got TWO drops in my right eye which means that right now I look like this:

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Kind of freaky, huh? You should have seen the look on the face of the guy ahead of us in line at the store when K and I were discussing how I shouldn’t go near the alpaca when it’s blood sugar is low. You know because the resulting blown pupil from an alpaca kick to the head looked just awful. What? Oh tell me that being kicked in the head by an alpaca isn’t better explanation than the optometrist doesn’t have a steady hand. *sigh*

Also, if you’re keeping track, it’s another amazingly gorgeous autumn day in Nashville.

Author: Ajax Bell

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18 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. I kind of love the alpaca explanation for the eye.

    I haven’t seen even one of your eyes look like that since the very early 90’s. Weird.

  2. Ahahahahahaha! Yeah, sadly I don’t get to feel half-high from this.

    It’s a little sad though, how familiar I look to myself with a blown pupil.

  3. you have pretty eyes.


  4. Dude, I cannot even look at your eyes without mine watering. ACK.

  5. Aw, *kissses* baby. They are even better when they are a little insane looking, no? 🙂

  6. Yeah, I had to go lie down in a dark room for a little while.

  7. Heee! That’s what K said when I came out of the office.

  8. Heh. Alpacas.

    I’ve made the mistake of booking an eye dilation appointment for this Thursday at 5:00pm. Tell me that I’ll be able to see by 9:00p. I mean, logic and experience tells me that I’ll be fine, but I still want to change it.

    They’d better not do two drops. I’m just sayin.

  9. I only had trouble focusing on things up close so you should be fine!

  10. Oh yeah? 😀

    Meep. That looks kinda scary. Yowsa.

  11. Wow, that’s an insane picture. Alpaca!

    Was it harder to see out of the more-blown pupil?

  12. I could watch TV and stuff okay, but close work and reading was hard.

  13. AHAHAHAHA! Literally 0.o hehehehehehehe!

  14. I know that when I’m super-dilated to check my retinas, I’m useless for the rest of the day. I just go home and sleep. I suspect those are a bit more powerful than regular dilation drops though, not to mention the much greater use of bright, bright lights.

  15. Oh, my gosh! ROFL!

    Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. But it is rather startling.

    You sure have gorgeous eyes though. Even when they look in need of serious medical attention.

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