Author of the Queen City Boys books

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  1. 😀

    it was so good to see you. and thanks so much for the shoes.


  2. I have books I need to get to you this week or else I will panic about getting stuff done and just send them all to the goodwill. Do you work any evenings this week?

    Shoes are love. It’s the only way I know how to express it. HAHAHAHAHA.

  3. thursday or friday? i get off work at human hours those days.


    That’s so pretty.

  5. Very pretty! You should get a tattoo of it.

  6. Heh. Yes, K and I’ve already had that conversation!

  7. Am I bringing books to the store or directly to you?

  8. hmmm. i guess it would make sense to bring them to the store, since that’s where the checkbook lives. i assume this is a checkbook situation, since i know you have a ton of books. you want to bring them by tomorrow evening, anytime before 8? OR, you can always bring them to my place & steve and i can haul them to the store for you. OR we can come pick them up some evening. i figure you have stuff planned this week, and a lot to do, so maybe us coming to get them would be the easiest.

    would you like me to take anything we can’t use to the goodwill for you?

  9. Tuesday is great. I’ll probably come around 6. And oh god yes, if you could dispose of anything you don’t want I would be so happy. The more stuff gone the better!!!

  10. Also do you want those two shelves? I can send pictures. I need to get rid of them before Monday.

  11. Girl, I was just thinking that we should go to this – http://www.mucklewain.com/ – together this summer!

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