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So I feel I’m doing the world a disservice if I don’t document, at least for my own memory, the hilarity of my little sister. This weekend, while walking around the mall with my mom and I, she was detailing the the new set of rules at her jr. high school. These rules are called “S.C.O.O.T.” short for I can’t remember what, but basically it boils down to, you must walk on the right-hand side of the hallway and let people pass you and don’t stop and block traffic. Yeah, no shit they made RULES for this, cause 13 year olds don’t have enough shit to worry about, they need detention for not following traffic rules in the hall. *rolls eyes* Any way it led to this conversation:

Mom: “Oh good because what you all need is more oppresive rules.”
Sister: “Well personally I think the no nunchaku rule is way more oppressive than S.C.O.O.T.”

Work is barely tolerable, even knowing I’m leaving. The fact is I still have to be here for 6.5 more days and it’s totally unbearable. Plus putting together details so I can leave? Makes MORE work for me. And trying to find a temp to replace me? WTF? They sent me a resume for a good candidate, but the asking price for her AS A TEMP is $5k more than I make a year for a position that has duties much reduced from what I do? Uh, no. Seriously, if she’s temping she should not be expecting to make what she was making at her previous permanent position.

Author: Ajax Bell

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  1. Remember that the asking price of a temp generally includes the fee for the placement agency… So, theoretically, she wouldn’t be taking home 100% of the asking price that accompanied the resume.

    (Yes, I’m trying to make you feel better here…)

  2. Yes, right, this was specifically the price the TEMP was asking to make, not the much higher rate we’d pay the agency. With what we’d pay the agency it’d be at least 25% more than I make!!

  3. Hey you. Hang in there. Not too much longer and the job will retreat to unfond memory.

    One thing about temps–it’s at least a no-risk commitment if the contract is short enough. OTOH, no one wants to take a lot less as a permanent employee, even with benefits factored in. But maybe your soon-to-be-ex organization needs to figure out how much they lost when you are gone.

    I have no idea if you and I will manage to get together with Ali before you leave (she said she was slammed next week), so I want to pick up my pretty note cards sometime soon (Or perhaps you could mail them if we get too pressed for time?). You got enough boxes?

  4. Totally off topic but while I have your attention….

    Are you around/available on the 19th? My friend who’s getting married and I are coming down on the 18th to look at wedding stores and such so I’d love to meet you for lunch/dinner/something on that day. Not sure about the 20th or where we’ll be so I’m hesitant to suggest that day. But the Friday? Maybe…?

  5. I always ask for more as a temp (like, I don’t make $50/hr at full time jobs!) because it’s temporary; they aren’t giving you shit in return except for $$$.

  6. Any time you’re in the neighborhood, just call. I’ll be in and out Saturday afternoon, but otherwise I should mostly be around packing etc.

  7. Re: Totally off topic but while I have your attention….

    I wish I could, but I can’t commit to that, it’s my last day of work that day and then I have 4 days to finish pack and empty the apartment. 😦

  8. I suppose that’s true, but not for a job like this, I’ve redistributed 40% of my work and all that’s left is mostly clerical looking up stats and copying and pasting them into spreadsheets. It’s sort of insane to think she could get the kind of money she was asking for that kind of work.

  9. Re: Totally off topic but while I have your attention….

    Could ya maybe manage a coffee drive-by? Just name your poison and we could try for something quick Saturday before we leave the Seattle area. I’d just hate to be that close (for the last time) and not be able to say hello. 😦

  10. Re: Totally off topic but while I have your attention….

    Whoops, I meant that *we* would come to *you* BTW.

  11. Re: Totally off topic but while I have your attention….

    Email me at jacyn.rebekah at gmail got com (I can’t find your email address).

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