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Full-blown moving panic attack. Yes, bordering on hysteria. How will I ever get all this stuff done? Yes, I know if I was doing anything on my list instead of posting here I’d probably be getting a lot closer to done, but I’m not, I’m just FREAKING OUT.

Seriously, I’ve moved more than half a dozen times. It doesn’t ever not happen. It’ll all work out this time because it always does. RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT?

Like a chicken with my head cut off. JUST STUPID.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

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  1. Take a deep breath and try to calm down. *offers shiny things (and/or Supernatural boys) to play with* Everything always somehow gets done. That’s just a Law of some kind. I’m sure there’s some kind of magical elves at work or something, though, but it always, always manages to work out.

    Remind me of that sometime in July/August when I’m in full blown panic-mode over my own move, though, yeah?

  2. it does always work out. i always hate the early stages, where i’ve only made a wee dent and there’s a mess – but it will all get done. worst case scenario, we show up at your place at the last minute and haul everything out in bags. it’ll be fine! really it will!

    we have a lot of storage here, by the way, if you just want to stash things someplace free. and that way i could mail you things if you needed them.

  3. You have my full sympathy and admiration.
    I moved once when I was 3, I believe, so I was not really conscious of that at the time of happening; but when I had to change office 2 times — I cried on both occasions. I suck with moving. I am the most inert person ever.

  4. It always does end up working out. And it will. You will end up moved, just like how you planned you would.

    Even if I haven’t gotten to most of my list either, but hey I’d be a fool to pack up and move all these half-empty bottles of booze, now wouldn’t I? *passes over a bottle*

  5. Heh, yes, the elves will fix it and then I”ll send them to you!

  6. *deep breath*

    Rationally I know there’s enough time/space everything but yeah right now I’ve got 2000 empty boxes and million things that need to be done! ARG!

    Tomorrow? 5:30? 6?

  7. I’ve moved at least 7 times int he last ten years. Logistically I know this is possible, I just need to CALM DOWN.

  8. WHEEEE! Drinks! Yeah, that’ll get us done faster!!

  9. six sounds good!


  10. *pets* You’ll get it all done.

    My dad is going to let us use his GPS thingy for the trip!! W00T!!

  11. HAHAHA! My mom offered her’s!!

  12. I should hide behind some of your furniture right now and jump out to scare you with the ebil hugs of doom. That’d make any panic attack better, right? Or is that bigger?

  13. Heh. God, still funny. Also there is a currently so much stuff to hide behind in my apartment. I hope no one gets any ideas.

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